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Bonnaroo talk


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Just looking at the schedule for Bonnaroo, and there are some serious decisions to be made with artists show times overlapping on different stages. Some are not as difficult as others. What would you do in these situations??


- Les Claypool vs.

- The Swell Season vs.

- Bluegrass Allstars (Bela Fleck, Edgar Meyer, Jerry Douglas, Sam Bush, etc)

I think I'll be going with the Bluegrass Allstars, but its still a bummer to have to miss the first two.


Willie Nelson vs.


Both shows have huge appeal, in very different ways. What is Willie like live? To be honest, I am not hugely familiar with his catalogue but would feel bad to miss him. As for MIA, I've got a lot of friends who rave about her live show all the time.


- Battles vs.

- K'Naan

Any thoughts?


- Little Feat vs.

- Gogol Bordello


- Phil & Friends vs.

- Sigur Ros vs.

- Chromeo / Ghostland Observatory

Phil has a 4-hour late night set but Sigur Ros' 2 hour set is jammed in between there. I'm obviously going to see Phil, but Sigur Ros is a hard one to turn down for me, so I'll probably do some of both.


- Orchestra Baobab vs.

- Robert Randolph's Revival vs.

- Ladytron

I'll be going to see Orchestra Baobab.


- Robert Plant & Allison Krauss vs.

- Derek Trucks & Susan Tedeschi vs.

- Broken Social Scene

That's it. Decisions decisions!

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Go see a bit of everyone, like a sampler plate. And if someone is really nailing their set, stay for longer. If you miss someone you want to see, well, that's Bonnaroo for you.

That said here's what I would do. Subject to change at any time (the motto for any Bonnaroo schedule)

1. You can see half an hour of the Bluegrass Allstars before the other two sets begin

2. MIA vs Willie - I think that one largely depends on your mood. Do you want to chill or party?

3. I would see Battles over K'naan - you'll be able to see K'naan many times this summer I bet as his new album is going to come out soon and he's based in Toronto.

4. You can see both - Gogol Bordello will be playing for an hour after Feat are done

5. 45 minutes of Phil, all of Sigur Ros, an hour of Ghostland.

6. Ladytron (although aren't they playing Harbourfront in Toronto in the next 3 weeks?)

7. I'm going to BSS uber alles for that set.

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One of my favourite parts of Bonnaroo is finding a sweet tree to lay under and chill... there are some close enough to some of the tents where you can take in some music as well...

edit to add... maybe im biased because i had my soon to be wife laying under those trees with me but they are great places to catch your breath from the heat...

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Yeah, finding shade and taking time to chill will be really important I imagine for sure, and will take place whenever needed. Plus I just bought a big vietnamese hat today in China Town. AD, your responses have an underlying tone of confidence in being able to move between stages quickly, which is good to see! Can't wait!!

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I'm not registered on that site for schedule etc... I don't really have a schedule I want to rigidly keep to as I'll just be going with the flow, plus I have some other commitments to keep while I'm there but am not sure of their times... So I'll just be playing it by ear while knowing that there are a few "can't miss" acts - Metallica, MMJ, Pearl Jam, Sigor Ros, Ghostland, BB King, Levon, Truckers, Raconteurs, !!!, Battles etc..

Make sure you experience the silent disco...

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No, there is a DJ and instead of a PA there are wireless headphones given to everyone who enters. So you dance dance dance while people looking on have no idea what music you're listening to. Pretty fun

Just looking at that other message board, specifically the traffic strategies - what the hell is BFE? Is it that big campground to the north that is way the fuck out of the way and totally stupid? Or just any campground that is out of the way, like the ones to the west of Bushy Branch? Bob, do you know?

I'm hoping to get in line around 7 or 8 in the morning on Thursday. Not sure if I'll go in at Bushy Branch Road like I've done at all the others or if I'll exit the eastbound I-24 at 114, turn around and get in line for the Exit 112 site entrance. Hmmmmmmmmm

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For quandry #7, I would have to say Robert Plant & Allison Krauss. Since this is probably a one-off tour, the likelihood of being able to see them again is much lower than the likelihood of seeing Derek Trucks or Broken Social Scene in the future.

i was thinking that too

it would just be hard to not see mr. trucks cuz he's the BEST!

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It is possible to catch some of Trucks and BSS, but sounds like it takes too long to get in and out of the main stage (where Plant/Krauss are playing). Tough call. I wonder what the Trucks/Tedeschi Soul Strew Revival is all about.

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also remember the sonic stage - it's a teeny weeny stage where people play and it's like a small outdoor club setting. saw Toots there a couple years ago, he shook my hand from the stage.

BSS is playing there. And lots of others

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