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puppy name help


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so d_rawk and i got a new puppy last night. she is really, really cute. part pug, part pomeranian. we liked the name 'banjo' and 'nena' [pronounced neh-na]... but we're not sure about either of them.

i remember when mike and sharon got abbey everyone was very helpful! so i'll post a few pics and see what comes to mind. i'll add a few more pictures when i get them uploaded [i like to show her off :)].



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I wanted to call her 'Tits' but that didn't fly

I named a stray I adopted awhile back "Boobs".The name gave me great pleasure...especially as the dog bolted every five seconds and we lived near a high school so alot of time was spent wandering around looking bewildered and calling "BOOBS" at the top of your lungs (even better when boyfriend played the fetcher) and getting scared looks from the young girls.

It was the best of times.

Otherwise I like names that make no real sense as a name...wedge,buzzcock,blevins.

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omg. that puppy is so cute it looks fake. especially the second photo.

is she going to turn into a big dog, or stay small and cute? i like tough names for small cute dogs...like Chainsaw or something gritty

chainsaw is a great name. holy shit.

what about Puff ?

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