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Anyone want to do Jam Cruise?

afro poppa

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In all honesty, this is the only event that ever peaks my interest regarding the so-called JamBand scene.

I'm sure it aint cheap but hotdamn if you aint in another world. I just know I would waste my dollars by sleeping in late and missing dockings because there is far too much stimuli keeping me up as late as possible the night before.

And I aint even talking about drugs.......as if Bonerama would suck! Just look at their picture.

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size of boat is not a factor. my ex-girlfriend went on a cruise ship a few years back and spent the whole time puking in her quarters. some people handle the waves no problem though.

by no means am i trying to talk you out of it though buddy, just putting it out there. i've looked at a million pics of that cruise and gave it some serious thought before i committed to other stuff last year. Looks like great fun!

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The motion of the boat can rock you as much as the music. I am extremely prone to sea sickness...i get sick on everything. but i took one Meclizine every morning and was perfectly fine...even on one night were half the boat i think was not looking so great . there was one night where i felt a bit off, but i'm pretty positive it was not the sea that did me in. its worth the cash...cheapest cabins last year were 900. for five days, four nights of intimate setting music, lodging and food, not bad.








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As for sea-sickness- there are wristbands with copper pieces that press into your wrist that combat it well for everyone. I didn't ever have a problem on the boat, but when I got back from the cruise I got picked up by friends and we drove straight to NYC for Phish NYE run 98. By the time I got out of the car, I couldn't walk on flat land. I felt like I was on pharmies and drunk for about 2 days.

For JamCruise, if you decide to go PM me as the event gets closer. I have a good friend from RI who is in at the top and has given upgrades to anyone I asked for. One couple even got the Donna the Buffalo suite a couple of years ago when they couldn't get on board. It had 4 rooms and two balconies and they paid nothing extra.

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