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Things you have seen Hux do


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I know, I know. This could actually be a new forum but lets try not to get ahead of ourselves. I'll start this one off with something we JUST saw him do. While driving home on Lyon at the tail end of what was a torrential downpour, we see our fair brother in front of us. Minutes later Hux passed some poor schlop of a pedestrian.

What happened?


He soaked that wench. Something terrible, let me tell ya. She walked into one huge waterfall of muddy water waterfall. It stopped her dead in her tracks.

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I watched him once drink 40oz of vodka straight, drop maybe two or three peyote pellets and then bench press an engine block, if I remember correctly it was from a 1974 El Camino 350/350 on the column shifter, royal blue, slightly tinited windows & slick black pin-striping. Although the headers & intake had been removed, (maybe the starter too) I'm pretty sure the manifold & entire exhaust system was at least still attached, I seem to remember the word "thrush", but I'm not really one hundred percent on that part much of the story, as I had been drinking as well.

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