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Video Podcasts?


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Mann is a productivity guy/consultant, buy also kind of an indie hipster, so when he was doing his video podcast - now discontinued since he had his kid - he would sometimes interview his band friends (like Peter Hughes of The Mountain Goats)

Good call on the Onion News podcast! Fack I love The Onion.

Embedded video below is Mann, but has nothing to do with his music angle. Just a talk from SXSW that always makes me laugh.

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Wow, nice! Meggo and I watch diggnation pretty much religiously (how cool is that girl?), but I never picked up on that.

'Submitted by Bouche, not to be confused with his brother Dan'. Hahahaha.

as funny as alex albrecthetcxz is, his joke sucked trying to make a douche reference.

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