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another restaurant thread: westboro area?


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i have tried a few restaurants in our new area [mainly in little italy]; but i haven't ventured onto wellington/richmond really at all yet.

it is my parents' anniversary. i seem to make a post every time they are in town. anyway i want to take them somewhere nice that's in the neighborhood. nice but not too fancy or expensive. i think the gastropub would be a bit on the pricey side or i would go there for sure. any thoughts?

PS i did sift through a bunch of old restaurant threads as well as restaurant thing and ottawafoodies.com before i posted! :)

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Meggo I think this is great that you make a post when your parents are arriving in town.

it shows you are so happy to have them and its not like Oh God, parents again what should we do?

Its so nice to be treated so well.

I have no complaints when i go to Ottawa and feel like I am treated like a Queen.

Keep up the good work kids!

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Yeah really, for a few extra bucks per dish, a place like the Gastropub is great value for money. Why pay almost as much for something half as good?

Anyway, you said no Gastropub, so a couple of restaurants I can recommend in that area (really Hintonburg) would be Cafe Venutto and Cafe Mio, both on the same block, near Lauzon's music.

One place that's getting a bit of buzz lately is Vina del Mar, a new-ish Chilean place on Wellington. I've never been but it's on my radar. Service seems a little quirky but food reports have all been good. Here's the Ottawa Foodies entry:


Also, here's the Ottawa Foodies tag list for Westboro:


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