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Bob Dylan at Copps


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Don't get me wrong I like getting presale tickets but the whole notion is simply goofy to me nowadays.

Will the HECFI presale have different seats from the Fan Club presale. You can link through to the TicketsNow website from the Ticketmaster one and it looks like TicketsNow is scalping floors off for $278 through to $600 a piece.

There are still FL5 Tickets available through the NICKEL presale.

This beings up another Fucked up point with this show. The Spec article claims that this is to be Concert Bowl seating. Under the Concert Bowl Seating Plan there is no FL5 section. That's only for Full Arena shows so what gives here.





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That's bullshit. Was it originally advertised as the concert bowl setup???? I'd be pissed if I had shelled out $100 for misleading the customers on what "venue" it is.

I'm supposed to be working until 10pm that night. If I can get off work a couple of hours early (unlikely) i might try to make part of the show on the cheap.

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the spec was the only source quoted as 'concert bowl seating'. there was no allusion to any seating arrangement on the dylan site, or ticketassholes.

Other than the fact that none of the other venues on the tour are 16000+ Seat Arenas. Some of them are down right Sweet!!!

Pechanga Resort & Casino


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