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and to another skank, a pedal is born...


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3 and a half weeks overdue, mind you :blush: :blush: :blush: finally got our house on the market though

its finally getting ready, he picked the custom colours for the paintjob, and im sure he is dying to try it as ive been stalling on it for a few weeks now. anyways, heres the shots




cheers guys, happy canada day weekend

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here is the finished shot


i just painted letters on the knobs, indicating what they do, L for level, R for range, M for Manual mode.

the toggle switch at the top switches between auto-wah and fixed wah, like having it halfway down, or all the way down, or tuned to that sweet growly spot. and its true bypass, wont fack with any other pedals in the chain.

and heres the up-skirt shot, as we call em lol


oooh look at that messy wiring :o

thanks for letting me show off my junk

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yeah it can be done, every time i build an envelope filter, someone buys it, maybe the next time ill try the exp. pedal. me and another builder talked about that, how ironic it would be to have an autowah modded to use an actual exp pedal. just build the wah! lol

hey Prost i am glad to hear everything works good.

it was good to meet you bro

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