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Anyone back from Hampton?


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Just rolled into work 30 minutes ago...

The boys are back and it's business as usual. Unbelievable run, unbelievable scene, unbelievably good times!

Big props to the crew that made this all possible! We had a large Skank contingent with us (bradm, Grum, FreekerByThe Speaker, Sloth, Howler, Blane, Wackamole, Velvet, PassedOutGuy...)

I should go back to bed now... See ya in Vegas!

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What dave-O said*. I'd also like to add my thanks to dave-O himself, for being a great and tolerant travelling companion, and driving to and from Montreal.



* Except for the "Just rolled into work 30 minutes ago..." part. I was at my desk chugging coffee like it was going out of style by 8:30am.

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thats cool- they said they were doing a fall release that never seemed to materialze- so if this is the release we get- I'm all for supporting thier scene...no probs..but there has to be a stealther out there...we'll have to try to uncover it.

Anyone got and GAT for trade- we have a sicko version of thier Old Point Bar show- we recorded onstage by skeriks monitors. It sounds wacko and they even do this little French convo between Skerik and Hunter- that is asking Hunter if he likes Canadian Hippies or American Hippies better and he said Canadian!

It is so funny!

I really want more shows-but they haven't donw very many...I'm up for a trade if anyone has any under ther hats!

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