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Tonight. Sultry Sonstresses and Cheap Beers @ Pepper Jack's...


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MARIE-JOSEE HOULE(Ottawa) backed by the amazing Arthur Holøien on double bass.


Born in Val d'Or, Quebec and raised in Edmonton, Alberta, Marie-Josée Houle celebrates her dual cultural roots through music. Singing and writing in both English and French, she brings the Townships to the Prairies and beyond. No polkas or foxtrots for this accordion diva; instead, she combines her classical, punk rock, and French cabaret sensibilities into one sultry stew of sound. http://www.myspace.com/mariejoseehoule




The spark of Ginger St. James is so hot and bright, it's heat can be felt the world over. From the UK, USA and Canada, Ginger's music has cascaded the airwaves and into ears, leaving listeners breathless and wanting more.She's a show all her own - a powerful voice, saucy personality and wit sharper than the edge of a crisp one hundred dollar bill. A throwback to the starlets of the 1940's the diminutive St. James often surprises audiences with her powerful voice and irresistable stage presence.


8pm, $5. $3.50 Domestic bottle special

Pepper Jack's

38 King William St.

Hamilton, ON



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