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The Slip @ High Sierra 08'


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Glad to see that The Slip forum has finally been killed, there was just never enough news or excitement to justify it in the first place. Anyhoo, here are the setlists from the 2 shows that The Slip played at High Sierra:

The Slip


Vaudville Tent, High Sierra Music Festival, Quincy CA

1. intro

2. You Might Say

3. Aptos

4. Boy In The Bubble

5. Airplane/Primitive

6. new brad tune

7. Paper Birds

8. Get Me With Fuji

9. new? intrumental > ? > Pass It On

10. Brad talks, guy in green suit walks on stage

11. Sometimes True To Nothing

12. Children of December


Some songs unknown, vaguely familiar or possibly covers.

The Slip


Big Meadow Stage, High Sierra Music Festival, Quincy CA

1. intro jam >

2. Ooh Belle

3. intro >

4. The Soft Machine

5. Boy In The Bubble (Paul Simon)

6. new Brad tune

7. Even Rats

8. new instrumental? >

9. new tune or cover(s>) ? (w/Pass it on jam)

10. Suffocation Keep

11. drums & harmonica jam >

12. Cowboy Up > jam >

13. ABC Jam > jam>

14. Before You Were Born

The first set was very exciting and high energy, not perfect by any means but it was clear that the boys were psyched to be playing again. I thought that The Boy In The Bubble was somewhat weak both times that they played it but it was cool all the same. In particular, Mark seemed to really be hamming it up and putting the extra effort in. With the new tunes that are being introduced we can only hope that they are going to be back in a big way.

Regarding Suprise Me Mr. Davis, we saw part of the first set that they did as well as the late night. In general I would say that they are really nothing special at all and although I am completely into the singer/songwriter thing Nathan Moore doesn't really do it for me at all. These were the first shows that I saw but from everything that I had heard prior to and after seeing them a couple of times my conclusion was Surprise Me Mr. Davis=meh, The Slip=Awesome. That being said, the boys were absolutely playing their hearts out and that makes up for some of it. Also, they played a set in one of the campgrounds unannounced late night on the Saturday I believe which was very cool where they played ABC 123 and 19th Nervous breakdown as well as I belive some new tunes. The ABC 123 was cool as hell to see, unfortunately no recordings were made that I am aware of. They also did an an acapella tune at the late night where Brad did the lead vocals that was absolutely amazing, the kind of thing that brings a tear to your eye, just completely beautiful.

That's that I guess...

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I am quite surprised. From what I heard from Brad at MMJ in Montreal I thought they were done and they were going on full steam with SMMD.

I talked to Lawrence from Ryan Montbleau Band at Bluesfest yesterday and he told me he had one of his best musical improv experiences of his life at a Drum Clinic that he played with Andrew at HSMF.

Thanks for the writeup!!!!


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Gotta tell everyone to go and listen to the SMMD set from 7.4 and tell me that is not better than most Slip from the past couple of years......

I think I've had my Jerry Band moment and I'd much rather see SMMD than an unpracticed Slip nowadays. The new songs are definitely band songs, not just Nathan tunes worked up for the boys. They sound much more collaborative,


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