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VH1 Pays Tribute to The Who - Thursday on MuchMoreMusic


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It airs at 9pm this Thursday night.

I believe this show was recorded on July 12th. Anyway, the line-up is "mostly" appropriate: Pearl Jam, The Foo Fighters, The Flaming Lips, Tenacious D (The Who always had overt comic elements)... and Incubus? I hope the crowd went "Joe Jackson opening for The Who in Toronto" on those fuckers. Roger and Pete round everything out with 8 vintage Who tunes. Zak Starkey is on drums and Paulo Palladino resumes trying to fill The Ox's shoes.

Here's a link to the photos and small write-ups of the performances: http://www.rollingstone.com/photos/gallery/21798294/vh1_rock_honors_2008_pearl_jam_f

Worth noting is that Supergrass' Gaz Coombes does lead vocals with The Foos on "Bargain" and The Foos do the greatest live Who song "Young Man Blues". Oh yeah, Lips drummer Kliph Spurlock destroys his kit.

I would have liked to see Paul Weller somewhere on the bill and maybe some younger bands, Supergrass should have been invited as well as Oasis, but it's a decent line-up.

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Here's the rundown for tonight's show. I'm really excited about the Foo's set, and I'm only a casual fan of Dave and company. Anyone doing the Who's heaviest song is okay in my books.

You'd think The Soundtrack of Our Lives, The International Noise Conspiracy or even The Arctic Monkeys would have been far more suitable to rip through Who tunes than the washed-up and truly awful nu-metal band Incubus.

9PM start on MuchMusic (repeats at 11pm):

David Duchovny (introduction)

Foo Fighters – “Young Man Bluesâ€

Foo Fighters with Gaz Coombes from Supergrass – “Bargainâ€

Rainn Wilson (introducing the Flaming Lips) The Flaming Lips – Medley from “Tommyâ€

Mila Kunis (introducing Incubus)

Incubus – “I Can See for Milesâ€

Incubus – “I Can’t Explainâ€

Tenacious D – “Squeeze Boxâ€

Sean Penn (introducing Pearl Jam)

Pearl Jam – “Love, Reign O’er Meâ€

Pearl Jam – “The Real Meâ€

Adam Sandler (introducing The Who)

The Who – “Baba O’Rileyâ€

The Who – “The Seekerâ€

The Who – “Who Are Youâ€

The Who – “Behind Blue Eyesâ€

The Who – “Two Thousand Yearsâ€

The Who – “You Better You Betâ€

The Who – “My Generationâ€

The Who – “Won’t Get Fooled Againâ€

The Who – “Tea & Theatreâ€

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NOw' date=' i just have to see if I have MuchMusic on my TV :) I didn't know that they showed "music" anymore ;)[/quote']

Not that it's on MuchMoreMusic (which isn't included in the cable package I have :( ), not plain old MuchMusic.



Don't you mean rabbit ears?

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and I'm no fan either' date=' but maybe I should be[/quote']

That's what I am starting to think as well. It's high time I go see them live because that was kick-ass. Roger and Pete should have played in their spot and Pearl Jam should have closed.


Hey, why not have Roger and Pete tour The Who with PJ as their backing band! That would be amazing.

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