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mp3 Download List- HUGE!

Northern Wish

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Guest Low Roller

I've grabbed a ton of stuff so far... most of it is from my high school days. Offspring, Rage Against the Machine, Pearl Jam, Smashing Pumpkins... gonna be doing some reminiscing.

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I love Dispatch, but have never heard anyone mention them. Do you think that OAR somehow owes at least half of their popularity to Dispatch disbanding? I caught some of their Mile High webcast yesterday and could have been told I was watching a new 5 piece Dispatch and would have believed it.....s

I would have never heard of Dispatch if it wasn't for JamOn on Sirius. And yes I agree about O.A.R. owing something to Dispatch. Every now and again Tea Leaf Green kind of has that vibe to me also.

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The only problem with lists like this is that the dudes that have these songs hosted will, because of the list and mass downloads it will provoke, most likely get into trouble, even though they only meant to share the files with a few people. I had some movies I put on my old website to share with myself and some dude found them and added them to a list like this. Needless to say it took a bit of begging to get away with just having the website shut down, all my stuff deleted and and being banned from that hosting company forever. They pointed out that legal action would have been quite easy (my files being mass downloaded damn near shutdown one of their servers).

On the other hand, these are all hosted on file sharing sites so it's not as bad but there's still a good chance that the people who uploaded the songs be punished, whether they have their accounts deleted or have legal action taken against them.

The songs might be good but they were most likely never supposed to be traded and so I won't download from a list like this ever, though you guys are free to do as you will, just remember, how much would you like to be fined if all you wanted to do was share some files with some buddies.

That being said, please don't come back with stupid it's their fault answers, I don't care and won't read them anyway since I won't click this forum link again, just putting out some information to let you do with as you wish.

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I'm using this as a "listening booth". Checking out The Hold Steady and will get an idea of whether I should invest in a concert ticket, t-shirt, CD, DVD, etc.

It's impossible to stop this sort of thing now. I've been looking at some forums that are all about this sort of link posting using Rapid Share as the preferred gateway. The material is absolutely endless out there. Take a look at these sites for a quick idea:



Many of them are operated via blogs too:


The RIAA is fighting a losing battle. They've tried to dictate how music should be produced, marketed, distributed, and consumed. Times have changed and they've now fallen behind.

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