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Roll Call: Sir Paul McCartney @ Plains of Abraham SUN JUL 20, 2008


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I said it before if I'm willing to fly to Liverpool, UK to see Sir Paul McCartney @ Anfield Stadium this past June 1st, then how could I not take a drive to Quebec City to see Macca on the Plains of Abraham on Sunday June 1, 2008.

Will I see anybody from this board there?



From www.paulmccartney.com


Paul McCartney Set to Rock Quebec City with a Free Concert to Celebrate Their 400th Anniversary

July 20th 2008 – The Plains of Abraham, Québec City, Canada

Paul McCartney will perform his first live show in Canada since 2005 when he will lead the city of Québec in celebrations for their 400th anniversary on the 20th of July. The free concert will take place in one of the world’s most prestigious and historic city parks, The Plains Of Abraham, the site of many clashes between the French and British empires in the 18th century.

Paul said, “I have a feeling it’s going to be a great night. Music is a fantastic way to celebrate this event. It’s a universal language that can bring everybody together! Our two countries have close ties that remain strong to this day. We are looking forward to helping Québec City celebrate this anniversary.â€

Just weeks ago Paul McCartney performed the largest ever show in the Ukraine, in Kiev, to over 350,000 people in the city’s Independence Square and on June 1st Paul played a stadium concert in Liverpool to celebrate the city being named the 2008 European capital of culture. If these previous shows are anything to go by, Québec City is in for a night it will never forget.

“Paul McCartney is not just a superstar; he’s a legend, a musical and cultural icon who will focus international attention on our historic celebrations. His concert will project Québec 2008 on the world scene,†declared Daniel Gélinas, CEO of the Société du 400e, the event organizers. “Paul McCartney is giving us a fabulous present and we are thrilled and proud to welcome him to Québec City!â€

This will be Paul’s first visit to the capital. Paul first played in Canada when The Beatles appeared at the Montréal Forum in 1964. Since then Paul has toured in Canada on numerous occasions but never in Québec. So this will be a grand premiere for Paul and for the population of Québec City.

To celebrate this anniversary year the Société du 400e put together a balanced program featuring music from Québec and the First Nations, French songs, symphonic and classical music while inviting international stars and spotlighting the two founding peoples: France and the UK.

“With a British star participating in the 400th anniversary celebrations we can say mission accomplished! No ticket are needed for this free concert put on by the Société du 400e, a highlight of an already extraordinary year of concerts, exhibitions and shows,†summed up Gélinas.


Firstly, it's been just over a month since the Independence Concert - millions of people watched it on TV and the Eastern Block press are still writing about the show; how do you feel about it looking back?

PM: It was a fantastic evening, we even managed to beat the weather and the crowd took us to new heights.

Are you looking forward to your first trip to the city of Quebec?

PM: Very much so, having read about it in the history books at school. Me and the band are excited to finally get there and rock out with the good people of Quebec.

How are rehearsals going?

PM: We are having a lot of fun.

How is your French? Will you be speaking to the crowd in French?

PM: Mais oui...

First Liverpool, then Kiev and now Quebec. Are you enjoying these one-off huge shows?

PM: Yeah, they're really nice. Gives me plenty of time with my family and gives me the opportunity to have some great rocking evenings with the band.

What's next for you after this show? Any more planned?

PM: Not at the moment, but I understand there is talk in the air.

Paul plays Quebec this weekend, Saturday 20th July

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This will be Paul’s first visit to the capital. Paul first played in Canada when The Beatles appeared at the Montréal Forum in 1964.

My Dad was there. CFRA was giving away tickets at the Ex one morning and my Dad didn't get a chance to listen in. He saw the DJ (I believe it was Ken Grant), whom he knew, on the street later that day and said that he was disappointed he didn't get the chance to win the tickets. The DJs response? "Oh my God, I totally forgot to give them away. Do you want them?" And my old man and his brother got to witness history.

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Just heard on the radio that the Plains can hold about 200,000 people. Organizers are expecting 450,000. Get there early!

Thanks I will. I have a hostel near the Plains of Abraham and will be planning on being lined up before the crack of dawn.



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Crazy details here

Gates won't open until 5!! And the Stills are opening. Good gig for them. Too bad they suck

The site will be closed to the public 48 hours before the show so no one can line up or sleep there the night before.

On the day of the show:

Main entrance, West side of the Plains

Between Avenue Georges-VI and Avenue Ontario, east of Avenue Garneau. The concert site on the Plains of Abraham will be open to the public as soon as sound tests are completed, around 5 p.m. on Sunday. The gates will open at 5 p.m. to allow the public to enter a “buffer zone†before the concert area opens at 5:30.

Second entrance, East side of the Plains

Another gate will open around 6:30 at the corner of Grande-Allée and Avenue Georges-VI

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from a Videotron forum:

Subscribers to Videotron's illico Digital TV service will be able to watch the Paul McCartney concert LIVE on Indigo from the comfort of their living rooms on Sunday evening, July 20, and on illico on Demand as of the next day.

The concert on the Plains of Abraham is part of Quebec City's 400th birthday celebrations.

The Paul McCartney concert will be broadcast live on Canal Indigo (channel 300) on Sunday, July 20, for $19.95.

The concert will also be available the very next day, Monday, July 21, on illico on Demand (channel 900), for the price of $17.99.


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Drive My Car

Only Mama Knows

All My Loving

Flaming Pie

Got To Get You Into My Life

Let Me Roll It

C Moon

My Love

Let Em In

Fine Line

The Long And Winding Road

Dance Tonight


Calico Skies

Follow The Sun


Mrs Vanderbilt

Eleanor Rigby


A Day In A Life / Give Peace a Chance

Good Day Sunshine

Too Many People / Bathroom Window

Penny Lane

Band On The Run


Back In The USSR

I Got A Feeling

Live And Let Die

Let It Be

Hey Jude

Lady Madonna

Get Back

I Saw Her Standing There


Sgt. Peppers

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Another great Sir Paul McCartney concert. It was so worth the drive and the 24 hours I waited in line to get in for a reasonably good spot near the stage.

I was so happy to get predicted personal debuts of "Michelle," "Birthday" and "Only Mama Knows" as well as some surpries with "Let 'Em In" and "Mrs. Vanderbilt."

I will write more later once I get some more sleep, I'm so tired.



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