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A Note From Connie Fogal


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Note From Connie Fogal:

CAP often receives pained expressions of concern from our members and contacts

that we send out so much really disturbing information. Even our highly

informed people would prefer to hear happy stuff. So would I. But,CAP has been

at the forefront in distributing significant but unpleasant information since

day one. It is part of who and why we are.

Most of what you will hear in the link below is information we have

communicated to you before in bits and pieces as we have learned it.This is the

first time I have listened to a full and complete disclosure.

At this time let me repeat the message which I have tried to communicate over

and over. Do not submit to fear. Recognize it as your enemy. Be strong. Stay


Personally ,I am absolutely convinced that information and knowledge are the

tools for freedom. I hope you can recognize that more and more people are

waking up and are exercising their courage and are spreading the information

even further.

I am convinced we will know the right steps to take as we open up to each

other more and more. That is our power.

There is an awakening, a consciousness happening. Keep it going. That is our

source of survival.

Youtube Audio link

I realize that this has no reputed proof but if the Canadian Action Party is willing to debase itself then it's at least worth posting elsewhere online.

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