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Chris Mulligan Band Waterloo Wed. July 23

mark tonin

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Chris Mulligan's basement > Maxwell's > Hillside > Bonnaroo ... yep, that's the dream. And then we woke up! ;):)

The Maxwell's gig will be interesting as it's a new venue near the universities totally focused on live music. I haven't even seen the inside of the venue yet but I've heard it's got some character and I'm curious to check the place out. Not the best situation, playing late on a Wednesday night with 2 other bands, but we'll have fun and if things work out hopefully we'll do it again on a weekend.

It's definitely nice to be playing these days.

Peace, Mark

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Thanks to our friends that came out to support, and my apologies to those of you that showed up on the late side and missed (most of) our set.

The place now serves. I think that they just got their liquor license in the past few weeks.

It is in the same building as Phil's, in that strip plaza along the side.

I like what Paul Maxwell and his crew are trying to make happen with this place. It is refreshing to see a young entrepreneur giving this a shot ... a live music venue near the universities with a jam space, music school for kids, etc. above the venue.

The sound in the room and on stage was ok, and I'm confident that it will improve over time as money made is invested back into the venue.

We were very well received and will hopefully be back at some point on a weekend. I would certainly be into playing at the venue again, and supporting what is going on by attending a show by another band.

Peace, Mark

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