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Bills tickets not selling like "hotcakes"


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Yup and its obviously a concern. I am on every fan club, membership or otherwise for the Bills. This is the first time since I started buying tickets that I have ever received an email or a call about buying tix. This guy Mike from the Bills is trying with everything he has to get me to buy those Toronto tix with sweet offers like free merch, upgraded seats to my regular ticketed games, a chance to win a box for the year etc.

I haven't logged the calls or emails but I would estimate he has called me 5 or 6 times; and my inbox sees two or three Bills related Toronto offers every day. And I am not buying it for that much no matter what they throw at me.

I'll be in front of the Rogers Center on Dec. 7 with about $100 cash in hand and fully expect to get in and have good seats.

What the hell was the Toronto contigent thinking (they set the prices independent of the Bills org).....


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That Bills ticket guy sounds like the Jays ticket agent that's been calling me ever since I stopped getting flex-packs two years ago.

So I'm not the only one?

Sean, get in touch with me before December 7th. I am interested in scoring tickets off craigslist or cheapos at the stadium for that game.

There will be plenty.

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I'll be there for sure. I am hoping to rent an RV for the game incase we can't get tix for a reasonable amount and then we'll just tailgate, watch the game and drink in the RV and tailgate post game.

I am thinking of coming down for Aug 14 vs. the Steelers too. But again I won't be paying more than a reasonable amount ($50 to $70 ish).


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