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Bob Lefsetz vs. Bob Richie (Kid Rock)

Northern Wish

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Interesting little war of words here, regarding Kid Rock and his new song that is moving old songs like wildfire........

From Lefsetz Soundscan email yesterday:

93. Lynyrd Skynyrd "Sweet Home Alabama"

Sales this week: 14,396

Percentage change: -7

Weeks on: 19

Cume: 1,154,674

I'm thinking Kid Rock sold these.

I still don't understand Bob's reluctance to be on iTunes... He's talking about the acts not being able to make any money. Isn't that HIS LABEL'S fault? Not iTunes'? Which coughs up in excess of sixty percent of the revenue?

I'd say Bob's leaving money on the table here. With the song of the summer, he should be able to sell in excess of a million singles, which is the equivalent of 100,000 albums...

And Kid Rocks response:

Why sell a million downloads (at a dickweed penny rate) that u say equals a 100,000 records when I'm selling well over a hundrend thousand records every 2 weeks? And I'm helping my heros sell records too???? Sounds like I'm winning, if this were the olympics I would definatley be receiving the gold medal, but that's a lot like itunes, a lot of glory, no money!!!!

i only wanna sell my album. i made a great album. itunes said "no", i dont like being told "no". thier just as guilty. ps, i have a ton of apple stock, pretty ironic eh? lol

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You say the war of the words is interesting, I say it's silly - while the underlying issue is easily interesting.

Albums vs. songs.

I've felt that, although hit material, Kid Rock falls short song for song, but seems to be the kind of artist that really shines if you put on the whole record...

So - say that's Kid Rock's thing. He wants to cut a record, promote it, tour it, and sell it. iTunes sells singles. Although it's potential revenue, it's not full album revenue. So if you only want one song or say even 5 songs on the record...

that's $3 to Kid Rock at the most...

But if Kid sells the entire record he may stand to make the same royalties(maybe not, but maybe...don't know his contract) but he gets his album out to a fan which would then in theory support itself more, and give the fan more reason to buy the next record.

If the fan buys a bunch of songs that don't connect with oneanother or with him/her as the record would then it's future revenue lost, it's future concert sales and tshirts lost -

but more importantly, it's a fan lost. Sales or not, it's potentially lost fanbase and support.

I'm a huge proponent of albums. I think that although some songs stand alone, artists don't often write and record songs entirely seperately and then compile them together for their albums...

Rip the songs apart, the album and intentions are often lost. While that may not be important to many people, it is an aspect of recorded music that is entirely special and magical.

Now...that's saying that it's an issue that demands polarity.

Does it demand all or nothing?

What of the people that don't care for albums? they'd probably never be a kid rock fan but may still go see a concert or buy more songs...

Is it worth the friction to save the record album?

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Sometimes this board agitates the hell out me. Check about any thread and you'll find spelling errors that aren't even the result of someone typing quickly due to venting........

Lately I've seen threw (through), padio (patio) and a tonne of other irritating spelling mistakes- not to mention the drunken posts. At least this guy has a few million bucks to ease the pain of the skanks ridiculing him.

And who of us wouldn't throw down on Pamela given the opportunity? Seriously check your heads!

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