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Gov't Mule trashed on Howard Stern


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I was just listening to Howard Stern and after a break, Fred was playing "Over The Hills and Far Away" and then howard asked what the hell version it was. Fred was guessing that it was some sort of bootleg, and then he said "Sorry, that was Gov't Mule". Howard then leans in to say how shitty gov't mule are, not really knowing who they are.

Artie comes to there defense, and explains how great of a guitar player Warren Haynes is, and how he's been in the Allman's since Dickey left. He also explains how wicked Gov't Mule are. So they rewind and start it up again.

They're digging it up until

"Many times I've loved - And many times been bitten

Many times I've gazed along the open road.


Warren is singing it an octave lower than you'd expect, and that's where it's biting. Howard then agrees that the band is good, but they just better get their act together on that cover.

Artie then explains that Warren's wife does a show on Jam-On, and she got him Allman tickets many times.

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Warren Haynes has perhaps the worst singing voice I've ever heard.

He can play' date=' but I can rarely stand to listen to him.[/quote']

Sounds like you are talking bout Phil Lesh :)

I saw them both on the same stage at Phil & Friends in '03? in Toronto and honestly can't say who had the worse voice. Luckily I was right tanked by that point.

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howard et al. often bash dead-related stuff, but in a rather stupid way that it cant be taken all that siriusly. fred and artie seem to be the voices of reason and gary knows his stuff too. howard's probably the least knowledgable and most opinionated about music. he doesnt have to be right to be entertaining. was on when i got to work, so i missed the last part. i love the mule. artie never lost his job but he did go to iraq.

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Howard Stern is a piece of shit. So something funny might come out of his mouth once in a while. I can't stand him.

Stern's April 21, 1999 show drew angry criticism and official "censure" from the Colorado State Legislature for his comment regarding the motives of the two male students who murdered 12 classmates and one teacher in the Columbine High School massacre in Colorado:

"There were some really good-looking girls running out with their hands over their heads. Did those kids try to have sex with any of the good-looking girls? They didn't even do that? At least if you're going to kill yourself and kill all the kids, why wouldn't you have some sex? If I was going to kill some people, I'd take them out with sex"

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The raspy Allman Brother's-esque wailing is a little dated and cliché these days no?


You think John Bell sounds like' date=' Greg Allman, Dickey Betts or Warren Haynes???

I would never equate his voice to sounding anything like the Allman's. [/quote']

Admittedly my exposure is limited, but that was definitely the sound I remember hearing when I saw WSP twice.

I was trucking along listening and enjoying the music and then came the sound that made my fun turn around.

Just sayin is all.

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