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Outside Lands Fest


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I am juggling the logistics of it all.

Its unlikely but I've been hoping to do a small West Coast trip for ages......

Great lineup, too bad about JJ headlining the Sunday- but it makes me think the organizers really have their shit together as it will definitely spread out the mass of people leaving the fest. If Radiohead was Sunday, everyone would definitely leave at once.


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another incredible night. galactic (with dirty dozen brass band and cyro neville), steve winwood, primus, tom petty. steve winwood totally blew me away, great show. rockin! low spark>empty pages. he also came out with tom petty and they did can't find my way home and gimme some lovin, which was super fun. primus was intense.

the aftershow GAT (with benevento not charlie hunter) was fucking insane. skerik was ridiculous, a madman on the stage leading a lunatic parade. wow, such a hot show.

onto step 3 :)

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another great night of music. it just so happened out that i spent most of the day alone. there were a lot of bands and conflicts, and everyone wanted to do something different. i wandered around, soaking up the sun and the comforting vibe of the best festival venue i can remember attending. i felt at home from the first. if this fest happens every year count me in.

anyway, the truckers rocked my face off, as hoped, and that was great, because after 2 days of music and hyping today's lineup to myself, it could have been underwhelming. truckers did not disappoint and luckily i had one friend nearby to rock out with (marty). fun stuff. but i was tired after that.

panic was underwhelming, really did not dig their set at all. it just sounded not like panic, but like jimmy. i love jimmy and what he's brought to the band, but it was just too much for me tonight. i left and went to mike gordon, which was the pleasant surprise of the night for me. the show was awesome. great, happy tunes and vibe, wooks out in full force, haha, she said she said was awesome, meat encore. good to see mike. as i walked away during the encore it felt like leaving a phish show. that is a good feeling.

followed up by another great party with friends. i loved every second of it.

i hope this happens once again!

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