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The Favre Thing


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What a story.

As a Packer fan it's tough knowing that a distraction like this is likely to significantly decrease their chances of improving on a season which saw them lose by 3 points to the team that would win the Superbowl in their next game last year, but it's hard not to get the imaginative juices flowing on what might happen...

a) Rodgers or bust? With such a spotlight cast on a starting quaterback, especially because this is completely out of control, it is easy to assume the pressure is going to get to Rodgers and he's going to have a hard time being 'the replcaement'...

a-2) With Favre there, Rodgers may bow to the pressure, and Favre can return and all will be as it was, and old man Favre can have another Elway run, or we can see what Father time has done to Favre's arm and body, and those flat slants, and shallow bombs will do the team in

a-3) With Favre gone... Green Bay may enter the era of revolving door quaterbacks, and waste such a talented supporting cast they have assembled around them

B) Rodgers fits right in... actually improves the offence which is itself young and full of surprises, and leads the Packers to their next Superbowl, or atleast back to the conference finals... which means Farve is either holding a clipboard, or more than likely with another team which could strongly mean...

c) Farve ends up a Viking. And as a Packer fan, this would probably cause me to automatically pull out all the hair from my head... but if I were a TV executive... I'd be licking my chops at the ad dollars those Packer-Viking games would command this year.

Should be an interesting Monday.

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I think Rodgers is going to fare better than most of the other replacement QBs who filled big shoes. The only one in history to have a career to write home about has been Steve Young....... The pressure must be immense, but Rodgers was a good choice for the Packers coming out of college and I bet he is more than ready.

I think Favre should shut up now, I am totally flabbergasted at what this guy is doing. I used to have the utmost respect for him but that has almost completely disappeared in a few short weeks. I think its most likely he ends up with Gruden in Tampa Bay, although I don't see how that gets John, Brett or the Bucs even a playoff run that goes beyond Wild Card weekend.

He should come out and apologize, go to GB taking the backup role and hope that Rodgers gets injured or sucks balls.


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Favre is acting like an idiot and ruining his reputation.

If he thought there was a chance, even just a tiny little small chance that he might want to play again HE SHOULDN'T HAVE FUCKING RETIRED. Seriously, the whole tear filled press conferences and all that shit. I haven't watched PTI in a while but are they having a field day with this one?

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Trading Favre is going to be hard unless it's a team he wants to play for. Some teams won't even discuss it for fear fo upsetting their current QB situation. They fear if they make the trade and he refuses to show up they will upset the balance of the team.

I understand GB's fear of Favre ending up in Minn or some other rival and that he may beat them. I say screw that. Have faith in the guy you have now and let the Packers go out and beat Favre.

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That may be true with Rodgers...

But as far as Favre is concerned... he's always been a little bit of a baby... which has lead to him having so much youthful enthusiasm and the occasional sob or pout. It is however a key ingredient of his success... so it's hard to criticize him for it now, when he's gotten so many props before because of the same thing.

Should be an interesting year for the Pack, good or bad... I'll be watching.

They have such a solid supporting cast, they should still play well...

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