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Wolfe Island Festival 2008


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I can't wait for the weekend of August 8 and 9, is anyone else here going?

Friday night, 8:30 at Town Hall: Hootenany with Luther Wright, Carolyn Mark, Jenny Whiteley, Joey Wright and friends with The Abrams Brothers opening.

Friday night, 10:30 at General Wolfe Hotel: The Handsome Furs with Magic Jordan opening.

Saturday afternoon starting at 1 pm, baseball diamonds: Wintersleep, Cadence Weapon, Land of Talk, Jason Collett, Plants and Animals, Tony Scherr, The Acorn, The Ruby Coast, Music Maul, P.S. I love you!

All this plus 2 nights of camping for $50, no fees or taxes. Gonna spend as much time as possible at Big Sandy Bay, an amazing beach on the southwest side of the island. Last year weekend this was a definite highlight of the summer.

Here is the website

This is not a folk festival … you will not be allowed to park your lawn chairs in front of the stage!
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From CBC Radio 3:

Favourite Halifax band Wintersleep played the Pemberton Festival this weekend - but they had to do it with gear borrowed from other bands, because their van got broken into and cleaned out in Baton Rouge, Louisiana the night before.

The group played a gig at the Spanish Moon along with Wolf Parade, and after witnessing a "crazy domestic dispute" - while they were waiting for a cab, a woman pulled up, dragged her guy out of the car and started beating on him, then got back in to the car and floored it with the guy on the hood - the band members headed back to their hotel, where they had an hour to kill before heading to the airport for their 4:30 a.m. flight to Pemberton.

They had last-minute showers and got packed up, then went back outside.

"I headed out to the van, noticed the shotgun door open, and thought, ‘Oh shit. Everything is open,'" recounts drummer Loel Campbell in an interview with CBC Radio 3. "I looked in the back and realized, ‘Hey, most of our shit isn't here.' Then it started sinking in."

Gone were several guitars, much of Campbell's drum kit, a Fender Precision Bass and other small items.

"I just walked back to the hotel room with my hands on my head, defeated. I'm sure tears were brewing. And I had to say, ‘Hey everyone, we just lost $10,000 dollars worth of gear between now and 45 minutes ago.'"

The group realized they had no choice but to "suck it up" and catch their flight to Pemberton, where they played on gear cobbled together from other bands. Campbell says the show went relatively well - even though he even had to borrow drumsticks.

"They even stole my f*cking sticks. I could not believe playing one of our biggest shows ever, I did not have a set of sticks," he says. "Someone found me this really thin pair. I just grabbed them and flipped them around and used the butt end for the whole show."

Since the theft, the group has filed a police report and sent out a MySpace plea for help from Baton Rouge locals who might spot their gear.

So what can other fans of the band do to help?

Says Campbell only half-jokingly, "Make donations."

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