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Wish me luck y'all!

Hal Johnson

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Well, Im back and proud to say we cracked the top half of the talent pool. Its not official, but were probably ranked anywhere from 11th to 8th.

We finished the round robin 2 - 2, only losing one game by a run and another by two. The games we won were mercy's. Crap thing about the set-up is that we got stuck in the loser bracket for the playoffs even though we were the best 4th place team in any division (we should have had a bye on day three and given a double knockout opportunity, as did a different 4th place team with less runs scored and a lower plus/minus)). The organizers recognized this after we bitched, but it was too late and all we received in comp was a free beer...oh joy, didnt have enough of those!

So day three with our backs up against the wall we had to win 4 straight just to make it to day 4. We won our first game hendedly against a team from Ontario and had a small break before the next game.

Game two I played the shittiest third base of my life against a team from Yellow Knife but even despite my best efforts to suck it large, we prevailed with a 5 run victory (I like to think I made up for my defense with a decent day at the plate).

Game 3 was directly after that and we were down early. Im telling you, I know its slo-pitch and all, but it was a fooking INTENSE match-up. Like, the whole complex got wind of this ridiculously good game going on and came over to watch. The boys we were up against were goliaths from abbotsford BC and hit the ball freakin hard. I managed to take one of the thigh (the bruise is incredible) too, but just got me more involved I guess. The game went down to our last at-bat and was actually won by our guy hitting a walk-off slam. Shit you not, it was orgasmic.

Anyhoo, by the time we drank our energy drinks and had a smoke game 4 had begun. Now you must remember the teams we were playing for games 3 and 4 were all teams that had had a bye and suffered their 1st loss of the playoffs only earlier that day, so they were very rested, to say the least. Our time was up at this point. No gas left in the tank whatsoever. We gave it our all, but sometimes your all aint just enough ;) Lost the game by 3. If we had played this team any other time, any other day, we'd beat them 9 of 10 times, easily.

So ya, we rolled with the big boys out there, which was kinda cool to experience. A lot of shoulda woulda could have's, but you know, thats just the way it goes I guess. Had lots of fun in Cow-town too though, so thats awesome.

Oh, and a team from Windsor ended up winning the whole thing against a team from Quebec.

Good times though, good times.

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