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I currently have these speakers that I was going to setup as surround speakers, but now I realize that they are too big to mount on the wall or place anywhere in the room as surround.

What speakers should I get that would work as surround speakers?

would something like these inwalls work fine? Or is the a better suggestion.

I have these fronts in black, not cherry and I don't really know if I need to get something specific to match quality/power wise.

Even smaller bookshelfs could be the answer.

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Why not get speakers that are intended to be surround speakers instead of trying to mix and match?

Aside from that, Do you sit right against the wall?

If so you may not get as much as you want out of having surround sound.

If you have a decent reciever/decoder for surround you should be able to adjust speaker size settings.

If you cannot then you should probably consult the dealer where you purchased your receiver if you don't get much of a response here.

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I loike sitting more in front of my surround speakers. that way they're not just stereo in 2 parts. There's more of a spatial element.

I presume more people are using the effect speakers on the sides is because most people like to sit against the wall instead of using their whole room as a really productive listening environment.

I'd be going to surround speakers if it were myself and moving the sofa ahead 5-10 feet.

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You are definitely best to stick with the same brand and if possible series all around when you are doing surround. The idea is that if the drivers are matched, this will allow something to sound consistently the same as it moves around the room. There is a smaller pair of bookshelf speakers than the ones that you had shown:

Smaller Polk's

It looks like RTIA is the series, if there is any way to stick within the same series that would be your best bet. The subwoofer is not as crucial but the rest should be matched as closely as possible.

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