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Grisman last night in Ymir

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So, Saturday morning I checked my email to see that a good friend was heading to Ymir BC to see David Grisman. I hadn't heard a thing about it.

I emailed for tix and was told there'd be a pair waiting a will-call.

My dad bought me a mandolin for my birthday ten years ago. The same day, he gave me a copy of Doc and Dawg. I spent about a year trying to learn the opening four bars of music. I have spent the last 9 lamenting the fact that I would probably never get to see Grisman play live.

Needless to say, when I got word he was playing two hours down the road - I hit it.

What a day. We headed down around three in the aft. Caught a couple of opening bands. John Reischman being the afternoon highlight. Reischman had a woman playing upright and singing the lead - holy smokes what talent! Traditional bluegrass arrangements of original material - great stuff.

Grisman hit the stage around 8pm and played two sets of some of the most smokin' music I've heard in a long while.

As a tribute to Jerry, Dawg and his son played an upright bass / mandolin duet of Dawg's Waltz. This almost brought tears to my eyes, it was such a powerful moment in the show. They followed this with Old and In the Way.

The show continued on with the band doing a retrospective of sorts spanning the history of bluegrass music and demonstrating some of the stylistic changes that have occured while blowing the crowd's mind with their virtuosity.

It should be noted that while the entire band is UNBELIEVABLE, the guitar player, Jim Nunally, played two full sets with Reischman then followed up with two more smokin' full-bore bluegrass ballztothewall mad sets with the Dawg. The guy was warming his hands over the stage lights during his second set with the Jaybirds. It was pretty cold out when the sun went down - but this guy just got better and better the colder it got.

Anyway, they came back out for their encore and just couldn't stop. They played a mind-blowing four song encore (Shady Grove in there, of course) and left the crowd howling.

Anyone getting close to Grisman shows should not miss the chance.

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that sounds awesome jay! lots of envy here. :)

looks like he will be back your way in november:

11/8/08 Vancouver,BC

Chan Centre for the Arts

8.00PM 604-822-2697

DG with John Sebastian

11/9/08 Victoria, BC

Mcpherson Playhouse

8.00PM 250-386-6121

DG with John Sebastian

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my sister and brother-in-law and 2 young nephews were there. they raved about the show as well. my nephews (11 & 6) were invited backstage to meet David. Riley (the 6 year old) told David that he had a band (The Black Dragon Band) and said to David that it must be really hard. David's response "is what really hard"

Riley - "you must really miss Jerry, it's got to be hard"

well I guess David got a wee choked up and came back out and mentioned Jerry

my nephews ROCK!

oh yeah, Riley also took his There Ain't No Bugs On Me book and David autographed it for him :)

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