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Packers to let Favre/ Rodgers compete for job....

Northern Wish

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How 'bout those Raiders?

They're fuckingterrible but hopefully will entertain me somewhat this season.

Check this out. We may have have the 4 worst NFL fans in the house this past Saturday night.





lol Oh yah, I forgot about that realization. I was too busy being confused by the Leafs fan who was defending the Sens.

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Rodgers looked good, not great in his opener... but I think he'll do fine... with the Packers, the supporting cast is so good, that even an old fogie like Brett can take them to the conference finals...

Man, the Pack have a great young group of receivers. That catch by Jones last night, where he got hit by two defenders at the same time, lost his helmet, and still stood on his feet to run 20 yards into the endzone was fantastic!

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