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OK! OK! Blue Jays! Blue Jays! (Updated--Friday Tickets Available!)


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Hey kids!

Alright...I've got 4 tickets to tonight's Jays game..4 tickets to tomorrow night's Jays game..great seats..vs Oakland.

May have a bunch for Friday, as well..I'll keep you posted.

Let me know if you're interested!

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OK, so I have EIGHT tickets for Friday night's Jays game up for grabs...

4 VIP Club HBC

4 2nd row, 3rd base line area

Rather than make it first come, first served, which is patently unfair to those who only visit the board occasionally, I will do a little draw at 1 pm if I receive more than one request for each date/set of tickets(This lottery's integrity will be ensured. It will be overseen and regulated by Jillian, my summer student, who is beyond reproach).

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OK, well, only 4 people are interested. So if Whitey, Jakis, Hal and Mr.Slippery would all be willing to take 2 tickets each, then everyone's happy!

Though we then have to decide who is going to sit with whom and you all have to promise to get along...1 wedgie per inning, NO MORE! And no throwing caramel popcorn or barfing!

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OK, so, if no one has a preference as to which seats they sit in, I'll assign the pairs randomly.

For pick up, please indicate if you'd rather pick up near High Park after 7:30 pm today or 4 pm tomorrow OR at One Mount Pleasant (anytime today or tomorrow before 6 pm, either day).

Hal: High Park

Jakis: High Park


Mr.Slip: Mt Pleasant (Fri)

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