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G love and John Butler Trio tonight in T.O.


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I honestly do not get the Butler adoration/fascination..he had one song that blew me away (no singing, just him playing, it was absolutely phenomenal). Other than that, it was pedestrian pablum..every song sounded the same...well-played, I'll give them that. But uniform and uninteresting.

G.Love was disappointing, too. Fun enough. But I've seen them a number of times and I just wish when I saw him he'd play similar setlists to the ones I stream from archive...those are fun, innovative and enjoyable. He started his set with a lot of wanking. Though I did enjoy his renderings of several of my faves (including I-76, Cold Beverages, Booty Call, Baby's Got Sauce etc).

All in all, I'm not sorry I went...and I don't think I'd even be sorry if I'd paid to be there. Free made it all the more enjoyable. :)

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