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Hey buddy I knwo your over seas in Seoul, and I was wondering What does there Keayboard look like? I would imagine there probally not english letters on there or maybe they are? I dunno I was wondering what they looked like and, have any pictures.... Oh yea And Do they sell Alphagetti? If so what does it look like? is it differnt? Just a late night thought

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The keyboards are exactly the same, except that each key has one romanized letter and one hangul letter on it. There's an extra key next to the spacebar that allows you to toggle back and forth between alphabets.


The consonants are all on the left side and the vowels are all on the right side, which makes perfect sense because in Korean almost every sound is a pairing of a consonant and a vowel (that's a huge simplification, but it is more or less accurate). So it makes typing reasonably fast.

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