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Explosions in Toronto

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Hope y'all are safe.

Propane explosions force evacuation in Toronto


TORONTO (AP) — Explosions at a propane facility forced thousands of people to evacuate early Sunday, and witnesses described the sky lighting up in the glow of an enormous fireball before turning black with billowing smoke.

Police said there were only minor injuries, but firefighters were battling blazes at the Sunrise Propane Industrial Gases facility hours later. The series of explosions around 3:50 a.m. EDT also shut down the city's busiest highways, snarling traffic for thousands of travelers.

Some residents said the blast was so forceful they felt their homes rock as though they had been struck by an earthquake.

"It was just a tremendous explosion and blew all the windows out of the house, just blew the house up, and I just managed to get out of there in time," said Robert Helman, who was covered in cuts and bruises as he fled his home.

Residents within a one-mile radius were ordered to evacuate immediately, and police brought in buses to take residents out of the area.

About a dozen terrified residents — some clad in pajamas and housecoats — found their way on foot to nearby Yorkdale shopping mall, where security offered them water and a place to rest.

While police couldn't immediately identify how many people would be affected by the evacuation request, census data of that part of Toronto suggests that there could be as many 12,500 people and 5,300 private dwellings in the one-mile area around the explosion.

Toronto fire services division commander Bob O'Hallarn said he saw at least five heavily damaged homes and said it could he hours before residents are allowed back into the neighborhood.

The remaining burning propane tanks at Toronto plant were almost out, he said.

"There was a very large of amount of fire when we arrived," O'Hallarn said. "It could have been much more serious."

Associated Press article

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A report just in that a firefighter has no vital signs at the scene. I hope he pulls through.

I fell asleep last night watching the Olympics and woke up at 3:45 with a loud boom and my apartment windows shaking. I live quite a ways from the explosion - I live in the east and it's easily a 30-40 minute drive north west. I knew something was up, but the beers took their toll and I went to bed. Shocking news.

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Fuck Now Propane is going to go up again! Why the hell would there be ppl living around somthing that could blow there houses up.. There should be a law about either building houses near propane facilities OR building propane outlets near houses. Like if ya do the math How many cubic feet will one bbq tank blow if full. Then multiply that buy how many liters are in side of a propane tanker then multiply that by the propane depot, one other factor is that to hold more pressure the walls of the container will be thicker and stronger that in turn will cause more explosion. There should be a def. rule about how close to anything these things can be. PISS ME OFF there soo lucky know one was hurt.. I see A Big Lawsuit coming on for this! ! ! ! !

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I was leaving a party in Parkdale on Saturday and walking north to grab a cab and we saw the sky light up and could hear the exlosions go on and on... we were very confused as to what was happening. It almost seemed like fireworks from where we were (soundwise).... the initial explosion lit up the entire sky... it's crazy that from that far downtown we could see so much of it.

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