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"No Flyers Please"- Have this sign? Read here.

Northern Wish

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If you have put one of these nifty little signs on your mailbox, or had one on there from a previous tenant I thought you might like to know this.....

You have to contact the distributor of the flyers to save the earth even that little tiny amount. The way flyers are distributed (usually by your local newspaper) is the company gets paid per piece for delivery. Every address out there (practically) is on a delivery list- either as a paper subscriber in which case your flyers arrive inside your paper, or as a non subscriber. Basically the way the flyer routes are determined is taking all of the addresses and just removing the subscribers and NDA's (non delivery addresses) to eliminate duplication or in your case unwanted delivery. In a third more rare case (large cities with many competitors) there is a local flyer distribution company (check inside whichever flyer pack you wish to stop for the phone number- they have to put it in there somewhere legally) has received their list from a local paper for a fee. Calling them makes you an NDA and you'll be off the list voila!

To just put the sign on your box is actually hurting the environment because the delivery person still gets that 'piece', still gets paid for receiving it so they have no reason to tell their boss you don't want them and they'll make it waste (ok so some of the carriers probably recycle them, but less than the 100% you will). You have to call the source and request to removed from the list. You will be surprised what stops showing up from grocery, Cdn flyers to those large catalogs like the nifty IKEA one that was just shipped to my WHOLE neighborhood.

Not only will the piece stop from coming, but won't even be printed at all (there is an insert verification program that all distributors must participate in to ensure they are not just trashing them in their warehouses and also by calling both people who receive and who don't receive flyers- I am sure you've all answered that weird call after suppertime about your Natures Best sample- or Future Shop flyer). In addition the company making the flyers and therefore the company cutting the trees don't get paid to max a glossy 8 page half fold........

I don't know, it seemed like a little piece of info some may not have been aware of.

Want to know about those local 'free' papers? That a whole other shitshow........


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A lot of the flyers are delivered by your mail carriers too. They get like a cent and a half per flyer. Even though you are screwing them out of money the general consensus is that there are too many damn flyers for the mail folks to deliver and they would be just fine with you opting out, and in fact would prefer so. I think you just have to contact the post office and tell them no flyers.

That won't eliminate all of them, just the ones that come through Canada Post. And your carrier will probably thank you.

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Ah the Red Dot campaign! I signed up for that, but kept getting flyers. I asked my letter carrier about still receiving them- and was surprised to learn that no matter what you sign up for with CP the flyer is still given to the carrier. So basically you don't get it, but like above its still being printed- it just isn't ending up in your box.....

And don't those letter carriers make enough friggin money as it is???

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