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Holy Zappa at Mod Club!


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OMG ... i'd love to go to this show. To see them in a tiny tiny venue and be able to vote on a few songs ... and maybe win a guitar ... hmmmmmm.

Gotta look at the balance. Of the 4 times I've seen them i think I paid $75, $75, $40, and FREE. So averaging $47.50 per show and now gotta shell out $129 for another gig would bump up the average to $63 per show. To me, that's a reasonable price for the kickass talent that you get to see with these guys. (Trying to justify this anyway i can )

I was at the Buffalo gig last Thursday. Cold and rainy, but it cleared up for their set long enough to get 90mins worth. They had to stop due to lightening and the sky just opening up with torrential rain. I didn't go back to catch anymore and headed home. These guys come off WAYYYY better in indoor venues with reserved seating IMHO.

What to do? What to do?

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LOL ... i prepare my "defense" in order to avoid conflict when I need to present my "case" :)

Funnily enough I did this this morning while painting my son's room. Got very little resistance at all. Now I'm thinking about biting the bullet and doing this. If I win that guitar I'd definitely be coming out ahead

Rogers isn't a Zappa sponsor are they??? ;)

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The ZPZ Setlist Song Selection:

• Advance Romance

• Ain't Got No Heart

• Andy

• Bamboozled By Love

• Beauty Knows No Pain

• Black Napkins

• Black Page #1

• Black Page #2

• Broken Hearts Are For Assholes

• Camarillo Brillo

• Carolina Hard Core Ecstasy

• Cheepnis

• Chunga's Revenge

• City Of Tiny Lites

• Cosmik Debris

• Dirty Love

• Dog Breath

• Doreen

• Duprees Paradise

• Eat That Question

• Echidna's Arf Of You

• Father Oblivion

• Fembot In A Wet T-Shirt

• Filthy Habits

• Flakes

• Florentine Pogen

• G-SPOT Tornado

• He Used to Cut The Grass

• How Could I Be Such A Fool?

• Idiot Bastard Son

• Illinois Enema Bandit

• I'm A Beautiful Guy

• Imaginary Diseases

• I'm Not Satisfied

• Inca Roads

• Joe's Garage

• King Kong

• Lucille

• Magic Fingers

• Montana

• More Trouble Everyday

• Muffin Man

• My Guitar Wants To Kill Your Mama

• Oh No

• Outside Now

• Packard Goose

• Peaches En Regalia

• Pound For A Brown

• Purple Lagoon

• Pygmy Twylyte (Roxy Version)

• Pygmy Twylyte (Quaalude Thunder Version)

• San Berdino

• Sharleena Original version

• Sofa

• Son of Orange County

• St. Alfonzo's Pancake Breakfast

• Stinkfoot

• Tell Me You Love Me

• The Torture Never Stops

• Treacherous Cretins

• Uncle Remus

• Village Of The Sun

• What's New In Baltimore

• Willie The Pimp

• Wind Up Workin' In A Gas Station

• Yellow Snow

• Yo Mama

• Zomby Woof

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I know, small world. I was driving around yesterday listeing to a Zappa show from 1971 at Massey Hall in Toronto. They played "Billy the Mountain" but replace all the cities mentioned in the song with Canadian ones. Then I got home and got that email.


(They should get Flo and Eddie from the Turtles to do the vocals).

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