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tasty veggie recipe HELP!!


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We had our vagan friends over for dinner last week and made rice wraps (rice paper lined with lettuce leaf and stuffed with rice noodles, carrott, mint, cucumber, avacado, orange slices, sprouts... whatever you want.) We served this with miso soup with wakami and rehydrated black fungas but we left out the dashi. We didn't do it, but I'd recommend making a wakame salad with this as well for a nice addition to the meal.

You can't go wrong with soups, salads and pasta dishes. An impressive salad combo is fennel, oranges and green olives. Strange but so delicious.

Try making from scratch a pumpkin or squash ravioli (if you're not into making pasta you can stuff wonton wrappers). Serve with brown butter and fresh sage and a great bread.

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We had Horse Carpaccio that was wearing a skirt made of many steaks.

But we really had the ravioli - thanks for the suggestion Sharon... took me a fucking LOOOONG ass time to make them though - dinner for two turned into dinner for 4 and it wasn't in my kitchen.

Playing on the road, two runs down in the first inning provided it's challenges, but everybody won in the end.

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