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Waylon and Shooter Jennings

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This sounds wicked (best father-son names ever?), from the Citizen:

NASHVILLE - Waylon Forever, the final recordings from country "outlaw" Waylon Jennings, will be released Oct. 21.

The eight-song release from Vagrant Records features remakes, surprising covers and a new Jennings original, all backed by his son Shooter.

The elder Jennings died in 2002, but the recordings date back more than 12 years. In 2006, Shooter and his band, the 357's, recorded more backing tracks at producer and bandmember Dave Cobb's studio in Los Angeles.

"It wasn't like it's some mysterious story about some unfinished album that was in some closet for 10 years," Shooter said. "We finished the album the best that we could when I was 16. We had all the intentions in the world to get it out there and get a record deal with it."

The album features relatively faithful, if edgier, renditions of Jennings standards like Neil Young's Are You Ready for the Country, Rodney Crowell's Ain't Livin' Long Like This, and Jennings' own Waymore's Blues; a stirring ballad reworking of Outlaw Sh-t, a cover of Cream's White Room, as well as the never-released, Waylon-penned I Found the Body.

"When nothing happened (the recordings) kind of just disappeared, and about two years ago Dave my producer and (girlfriend) Drea (De Matteo) both were like: 'You've got to do something with that,'" Jennings said. "Thank you to modern technology. It doesn't sound like we dug up some vocals that had always been there and we had to do magic to make it sound new. It's all about bringing my musical side of everything I do around him and creating this completely different but acceptable space that he fits in."

Shooter's most recent album, The Wolf, was released last fall by Universal South. He comes off the road next month and said he'll begin work on a new record on a label to be determined.

"It's gonna be a pretty wild record. It's not going to be the normal record by any means," Jennings said. "If they didn't play me before on country radio, they're really not gonna play me now."

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Nice - this sounds great. A friend of mine plays guitar in Shooters' band and Shooter sometimes sits in on Sundays at the Living Room w/ a bunch of local NYC musicians.

They are playing Austin City Limits and I look fwd to checking out the full band.

Speaking of great names, Shooter named his daugher w/ Drea 'Alabama Gypsy Rose'! :D

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