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Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

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Has anyone here visited the R&R Hall of Fame? (I bet TimmyB has).

A friend from work just came back from a vacation/road trip and said that it was really incredible. He suggested watching the House of Blues site for any shows you'd want to see in Cleveland and plan a trip around that to include a day or 2 at the museum.

Sounds like a plan.

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Has anyone here visited the R&R Hall of Fame?

I went there in 2003, with Mr. Musicface and bald guy in a blanket; we had gone to Cleveland to see Blues Traveler before going on to Deer Creek to see Phish, so took the morning after Blues Traveler to go to the museum, which is a blast, and which takes longer than a morning to really experience well.



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I was there in the late 90s - either 98 or 99. It was an awesome experience and I'd love to go back. We actually drove through Cleveland on the way to Chicago the other weekend and I was dying to pop in again, but you really need a full day - or at least 2 - to experience it properly.

When I was there originally, I remember seeing Neil Diamond at the nearby arena as he was in town the night we got there. Ha! Fun times.

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I've been twice and highly recommend it. Made a special trip once from Lake Placid and it was well worth it, and another time stopped in as I was driving from Coast to Coast. If you only allow a half day you'll be disappointed, especially if they have quality temporary exhibits up while you're there (I was lucky enough to see one on Dylan's early years).

is there just memorabilia on display or is there fun stuff to take part in (a la Seattle's Experience Music Project)?

Pretty much just memorabilia on display, though there are some listening stations and stuff like that.

I'm also a big fan of the music store that's in the museum. Awesome back-catalogue gems from all of the inductees. Nothing you can't find online, but pretty rare to see that extensive a vault in a brick-and-mortar shop these days.

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I've been to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 4 times and I enjoy trying to get there every 2 or 3 years. Though I have always made sure that my visit to Cleveland included a concert that I was attending in the area, if not some might not think the trip just for the hall of fame is worth it.



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