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Weird Doggie Behaviour II


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So, contrary to Sharon's assertion that their dog is the best dog in the world, I'm pretty sure our dog deserves that title. She is the smartest, most obedient, well-trained, loving, hilarious dog in the world!


Last night she was lying on the bed. She hopped off the bed, and it became apparent immediately that she had PEED on it!! Just lying there and took a whiz!

This is completely out of character!!

She knew she had done something wrong and slunk away and didn't come back for 40 minutes.

Any ideas why this would happen? She had been outside plenty, so it wasn't as though she had to go and didn't get an opportunity. Additionally, when she does have to go, she always lets us know.

I'm worried.

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I'd be a tad worried. How old is she? If she does it again I'd probably ask a vet about it. If she's old then she might just be hitting that point in life where stuff like that happens.

Could have been just an accident, though, if she doesn't do it again then it's probably fine.

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i would not get mad at her. i doubt she meant to pee the bed. perhaps she had a seizure, which would likely have resulted in her peeing the bed. although its seems more likely that she may now not want to go outside to pee. it could also be a bladder infection. yes, see your vet.

it sounds like she is having a hard time adjusting to the new house. perhaps new smells, sounds, lights, etc. i'd recommend trying to create an environment that is as similar to your old place as possible. maybe cook some great meals, lay out her toys and bed as they were in the old house. the one thing that you should not do is scold her for doing thois stuff. it's not her fault.

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