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BURNT SUGAR the ARKESTRA CHAMBER: Guelph Jazz Fest, Lula Lounge & PJC.....


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Definitely one of the highlights of last year for me at Pepper Jack's. This "arkestra" exceeded the hype at their Hamilton show. The Guelph Jazz fest has now caught on and is sponsoring their Toronto Lula Lounge show as well as their 2 appearances at this years Guelph Jazz Fest.

There will be 14 of them this time. Probably the biggest band to ever play Pepper Jack's. Check them out!

PJC presents

New York City's



Friday, September 5th

Special guests: Sherlocke Groove

Advance tickets $12, $15 at the door.

@ Pepper Jack's

38 King William St. Hamilton




Gregory S. Tate - conduction/guitar/laptop

Lisala - vocals

Justice Dilla-X - vocals

Mikel Banks - vocals/freak-a-phone

Mazz Swift - vocals/violin

Lewis "Flip" Barnes Jr. - trumpet

Micah Gaugh - alto sax

Dave Smith - trombone

Paula Henderson - bari-sax

Bruce Mack - keyboards

Rene Akan - guitar

Jared Michael Nickerson - electric bass

Trevor Holder - drums

New York City's Burnt Sugar The Arkestra Chamber have been described as a Miles Davis Bitches Brew for the 21st century with players conversant in a plethora of post-modern musical tongues. A post-everything fusion orchestra.

The 14 member band includes 2 vocalist virtuosos, 2 drummers, 2 bassists, a full-on brass and wind section that includes 2 bari, 2 alto, and 2 tenor saxophones, trumpet, trombone, bass clarinet, flute, tuba and occasionally even turntables and didgeridoo.

"A multiracial jam army that freestyles with cool telekinesis between the lustrous menace of Miles Davis' On The Corner, the slash-and-om of 1970s King Crimson, and Jimi Hendrix' moonwalk across side three of Electric Ladyland."- David Fricke, Rolling Stone.

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