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WATERMELON SLIM: Thursday, Sept 11th


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WATERMELON SLIM is the hottest name in Blues right now—with a total of SIX Blues Music Award Nominations in 2008—including Entertainer of the Year, Band of the Year, Album of the Year, Song of the Year, Traditional Blues Male Artist of the Year, and Traditional Blues Album of the Year.

Watermelon Slim has set a record of twelve Blues Music Award nominations over the last two years!

Plus he has also won MOJO magazine's Best Blues Album of the Year for the second year in a row.

Needless to say Pepper Jack's is very pleased to be welcoming back Slim this September for a solo performance on Thursday, Sept. 11th, 2008.


Also featuring: ALFIE SMITH

Advance tickets are $15. Available at Pepper Jack's or Dr Disc.

Showtime: 8pm sharp! 19+.

For interviews, please contact Chris Wick chris@southernartist.net



Bill Homans, a.k.a. "Watermelon Slim" is one of the most intriguing bluesmen out there. Watermelon Slim first appeared on the music scene in the early 1970s as the only Vietnam veteran to record a full length LP during the war.

In subsequent years, Slim played with a variety of famous blues stars, but only recently has he become a full-time bluesman.

Less than six months after leaving his last truck driving job, hauling industrial waste, Slim was making a living as a full-time touring bluesman. The decision was predominantly the result of a nearly fatal heart attack, and the renewed perspective on mortality that followed. Logically, why drive

industrial waste around Oklahoma to dispose of when one can drive band mates around the US to play music and entertain?

Now that Slim has received a record twelve Blues Music Award

nominations in the United States, he is the new 'King of the Blues'.


38 King William St. Hamilton


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So Watermelon Slim's set started off pretty good ... he's a bit eccentric and go blow a mean harp.

But about halfway through, he begins talkin about Sept 11 and Afghanistan and Vietnam and all these veterans and war casualties ... proceeds to insist that everyone remove their hat and plays Taps on harmonica.

So no disrespect intend for the message he was trying to convey, but I've seen a lot of blues concerts and I don't think I've ever felt worse! Biggest bummer at a concert ever ... I just don't go to shows wanting to feel bad, even blues concerts (because it's hard to have real blues with 5000 baby boomers in lawn chairs).

I started to wander off after that and never really got back into him ...

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That's nothing, wait till he plays on the actual 9/11 at pepper jack's.

I know I won't be bothered enough for have the rest of his performance ruined for me. I think about that kind of junk all the time. Having him bring such issues into a public light and try to get some solidarity going among the audience is more inspiring then depressing to me.

On the other hand it's perfectly understandable to not want to be bummed at a show, but Watermelon Slim speaks his mind and that's just the kind of guy he is. No bullshit. Straight talkin.I'm bloody well proud to have such a person speak up at a show.

By the way, it is "the blues" that is his genre.

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I think Chris and Ken Whiteley are opening this show, too. Get there early enough to see them.

(I may be wrong, though. I know they were opening at least one show for him.)

According to


This Saturday (Sept 13th) my brother Chris & I will be performing at the Grand River Blues Fundraiser with Watermelon Slim

I didn't see anything about him playing anywhere on Sept. 11.



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