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Go Sens Go - Fan Forum 08/09

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I'll tell you what was told to me when he was first traded to the Habs.

You are going to have a love/hate relationship with him.

Mine was more on the 'love' side of the equation but there are going to be nights and stretches were you wonder what has got into him. He's definitely one of the premier talents in the game and will create massive hush moments amongst the crowd that cant be described, only experienced. You can only look at one another in awe.

"Did you see that?"

Get a point shot for the powerplay and watch thefuckout but I am glad he's old now.

I can also accurately predict a similar NHL story developing come February (phones Vegas):


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Yeah and I remember The HEAT saying all the right things last year.. I want an 'A' and want to step up and lead this team and so on.. hah.

Kovy is good with the media. He says he wanted to stay in montreal but at the same time butters up the sens fans.

gonna miss AK27. at least i wont be too bored anymore when i make it out to the bank.

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RALEIGH, N.C. -- Aaron Ward is headed back to the Carolina Hurricanes.

The Hurricanes reacquired the rugged defenceman from the Boston Bruins on Friday for forward Patrick Eaves and a fourth-round draft pick next year.

"With this trade, our defence really takes shape," Hurricanes general manager Jim Rutherford said. "We envision him complementing Joni Pitkanen well as a defensive pairing."

The move makes teammates of Ward and the player who infamously punched him two months ago. Scott Walker decked Ward late during Game 5 of the Eastern Conference semifinal won by Carolina. The blow was called a "sucker punch" by Bruins coach Claude Julien.

The 36-year-old Ward, who lives in Raleigh during the off-season, helped Carolina win its first Stanley Cup in 2006, then signed a free agent deal with the New York Rangers that summer.

Ward becomes the latest key player from that team to be reacquired by the Hurricanes. Centre Matt Cullen was traded back to Carolina in 2007 after one season with the Rangers, and the club dealt forward Erik Cole to Edmonton before last season before bringing him back in a pivotal deal at the trading deadline.

After trading for Eaves, the Bruins placed the 25-year-old right wing on waivers with the purpose of buying him out. He had six goals and eight assists in 74 games last season.

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I know that several DGB readers are planning to attend this weekend's Jason Spezza wedding ceremony. So to help avoid any embarrassment, here's a handy etiquette guide. Feel free to print it out and take it with you.

No matter how adorable he looks in his little tuxedo, DO NOT tell Cory Clouston that you're sure he'll do a great job as ring boy.

DO NOT linger and stare at Wade Redden as he hands out programs at the front door, even though it will be the first time you've seen him actually do anything in two years.

If you see a hockey player who's sobbing and crying constantly, DO NOT assume that they're overcome with the emotion of the ceremony. It could also be Sidney Crosby.

When Bryan Murray is invited up to do the traditional readings from Ephesians, Colossians and Ecclesiastes, DO put on your raincoat.

When Spezza makes his vow to remain forever faithful, DO NOT laugh when Daniel Alfredsson leans over and whispers "I guarantee it".

DO be understanding if there's confusion on the groom's side during the exchange of rings. Remember, they're Ottawa Senators -- none of them have ever seen a ring before.

When the minister delivers his sermon on the importance of honoring commitments, DO NOT interrupt him to point out that the phrase "overpaid, one-eyed, gap-toothed, cherry picking glory boy" does not actually appear in the bible.

If you see Brian Burke at the reception, DO alert security. He wasn't invited, he just automatically shows up anywhere he thinks there might be a live microphone.

DO NOT get stuck behind Kyle Wellwood in the buffet line. This isn't really etiquette, but it will prevent you from starving to death.

Occasional place setting mixups are to be expected at a crowded reception. DO NOT make a big deal out of the fact that everyone has a cup except Marian Hossa.

No matter how nice his tuxedo looks, DO NOT ask Mike Comrie which ventriloquist supply store he got it at.

If you are seated next to Mike Fisher and Carrie Underwood, DO NOT repeatedly refer to her as "the poor man's Jessica Simpson". One time is enough.

If the bride informs you that they're planning an extended honeymoon in August, DO NOT create an awkward situation by turning to Spezza and saying "Wait, won't that interfere with you attending the Canadian Olympic team training camp?"

If you run into Martin Gerber at the reception, DO NOT ask him if he enjoyed the ceremony. He's actually just there to bus tables.

If you are Eugene Melnyk, no matter how much you want to create a sense of excitement and team spirit, DO NOT hire the gladiator guy to stand next to Spezza's honeymoon bed shouting "RISE UP!"

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