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North Mississippi Allstars are on SunTV's Beautiful Noise Today


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They are on right now, but the show repeats tonight at 8pm on channel 15 and on SunHD. FYI, Beautiful Noise is a concert TV program filmed at the Berkeley Church in Toronto, the same show and place where MMJ performed back in March.

Just a few things I've noticed: a bad decision to go to commercial break during a instrumental jams, especially "Poor Black Maddie"; the song keys have "questionable" song title information too; Luther was a notch out of key during his 2-3 minute slide solo on "Skinny Woman"; the crowd is seated, which is something I've personally never seen at a NMA show; the boys have had better nights - they are singing and playing out of key; maybe it has something to do with the sermon-like atmosphere eminating from the audience.

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