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Video formats

Scal Lito

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So I got some gig footage from my camcorder to my comp but cant seem to be able to change the formats. Anyone know the easiest way (best programs) to change mpeg2 formats to avi, wmv, etc... I have tried quite a few diff programs but have had problems with em all. Computers "sigh"

Ty kindly gang


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How big are the original videos and do you have access to put them on the internet somehow? If so, then do it and tell me where they are and I'll convert them for you to whatever you want but I'd need access to re-upload them. I used to have space but lost it and that leaves only snail mail which takes way too long...

PS: if you're game and also need the videos edited you'll have to tell me the times you want (as in you want 1:32 - 2:45 of video 1, etc, etc)...

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