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Introducing The 1st Annual NuJazz Festival - Nov. 13-15

Jay Funk Dawg

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Toronto NuJazz Festival

The 1st Annual Nujazz Festival :Lineup & Ticket Information



The Nujazz Festival presents


with Grand Analog (Winnipeg, MB)

MC More or Les (Montreal, PQ)

& DJ Rollin' Cash

@ Revival Bar (783 College St.)

9 pm doors, $18 advance / $25 door



The Nujazz Festival presents

PLANET EARTH with special guest KEVIN BREIT (Toronto)

with The NATIONAL PARCS (Montreal, PQ)

& DJ Goldfinger (CIUT FM 89.5 fm)

@ Revival (783 College St.)

9 pm doors, $12 advance / $15 door



The Nujazz Festival and Do Right! Music present



with DJ John Kong (Do Right!)

@ Supermarket (268 Augusta Ave.)

10 pm doors, $10 @ the door



The Nujazz Festival and Fusicology Toronto present

Fusicology 2-Year Anniversary & Festival Closing Party!


with King Sunshine (Toronto, ON),

Footprints DJs (General Eclectic / Jason Palma, Stuart Li aka basicsoulunit, Lybido)

Sean Sax (Soul on Ice) & DJ Numeric (Never Forgive Action, Hip Hop Karaoke)

@ The Opera House (735 Queen St. E.)

9 pm doors $20 advance / $25 door


Advance tickets:

Slinky Music/Moog Audio (442 Queen St. W.)

Soundscapes (572 College St.)

Shanti Baba (546 Queen St. W.)

Play De Record (357A Yonge St.)

Rotate This (801 Queen St. W.)

Sonic Temple (5165 Yonge St.)

Online @ www.nufunk.ca or www.ticketweb.ca


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what is Makemake?

here's more info on Planet Earth



Planet Earth have been called soul, funk, acid jazz, R&B, power funk and so on. But whatever you want to call them, they are sure to make you move. Emerging as one of the vanguards of funk revival, they have been playing the Toronto club scene since 1999 and now boast two releases of original material out on the band-owned label Sleeping Eddie Music (THE ALI SHUFFLE-1999, and ELASTICITY-2001) with a third new disc scheduled for release in spring 2008.

In recent years, PE have made appearances as an opening act for Maceo Parker, K-OS, Maestro, and Joey DeFrancesco. Three sold-out Soul in the City concerts, Toronto International Film festival cast parties (1998 and 1999) at Skydome for Dreamworks), Beaches jazz festival appearances (1998-2004), charity events, and a six year running thursday night slot at famed Toronto nightclub The Orbit Room. PE recently had six of their original songs chosen for two feature films: "Fall" (starring Michael Madsen) and "Silver Man" (starring fellow Canadian Eugene Levy). Both records, produced by the band, have received excellent reviews and sold well as independent releases.

Since 2000, the quartet has used weekly gigs to create a buzz and get their live act down. Now as an eight piece band, PE hires the elite of Toronto's music scene to flesh out their signature sound on stage and in the studio. Appearing on saxophone: John Johnson, Shawn Nykwist, Chris Mitchell, Vern Dorge, Perry White and Steven Kennedy; on trombone: Gord Myers, Russ Little, & Steve Donald; guitarists Jake Langley, Arvil Wray, John Tilden, Kevin Breit, Donna Grantis, and Dan Nordermeer; members of the Toronto Symphony Orchestra, along with special appearances by Alex Lifeson, Lee Oskar, Holly Cole, Jackie Richardson, Doug Riley, Kevin Turcotte, Guido Basso, and others.

Planet Earth's musicians were all born and raised in Toronto. Nathaniel Littlejohn is a self-trained vocalist who began singing at the age of three to old 45's. His eclectic taste in music has added considerably to that collection over the years, immersing himself in gospel, R&B, soul music and funk. His ear for nuance and rhythmic phrasing have earned him a following of audiences marvelling at the range and power of his voice. "Elasticity is a sexy album" says Littlejohn, "lyrically, it's very personal." Littlejohn dresses, moves and grooves in the funk style. "It's my job to make the venue like my rec room and make the audiences have a good time." And that they do.

2004 Juno award winner and Planet Earth organ/keyboard player Dylan Heming began studies at Toronto's Royal Conservatory of Music at age ten. First focusing on classical repertoire and theory, later moving into jazz, R&B, and electronic music. "This band has two distinct vibes. We're not always trying to capture our live sound in the studio. We improvise a lot on stage, but in the studio, we feed off a different energy." Heming met Glenn Olive in 1994 while working with a touring act and have been locking down funk grooves ever since. Apart from his role within Planet Earth, Dylan writes for his own trio and sextet settings, as well as composing for television and film.

Olive, also a Royal Conservatory alumni, started on violin and classical guitar quickly moving on to the electric guitar so he could play along with his Beatles and Motown records. Soon he would move to the bass and never look back. Olive's bass stylings (along with the inimitable tone from his weathered vintage Fender jazz bass), has become the backbone of the PE funk sound. Olive says, "when you spend time with great musicians and audiences, you feed off everyone's energy. You forget all the influences and just use the energy of the moment." Olive met Riley at a recording session in 1996 and quickly introduced him to Littlejohn and Heming. From that meeting, the core of Planet Earth was born.

Ben Riley acquired his first drum set at age three, later moving to private lessons and then on to York University for highly advanced music studies. Riley's versalitiy and fluid approach on the drums naturally extended into co-writing and arranging for PE's two CD's. "After playing together for years and doing our first album, we've gained the confidence to go into the studio and not worry about proving ourselves too much" Riley says. Bens musicianship and dedication to his craft have seen him become one of the most accomplished and sought after drummers in the city, working with international jazz and mainstream artists.

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What's the story on Makemake?
what is Makemake?

Oh you two with your silly questions.

Makemake, formal designation (136472) Makemake, is the third-largest known dwarf planet in the Solar System and one of the two largest Kuiper belt objects (KBO) in the classical KBO population. Its diameter is roughly three-quarters that of Pluto. Makemake has no known satellites, which makes it unique among the largest KBOs. Its extremely low average temperature (about 30 K) means its surface is covered with methane, ethane and possibly nitrogen ices.

Initially known as 2005 FY9 (and later given the minor planet number 136472), it was discovered on March 31, 2005 by a team led by Michael Brown, and announced on July 29, 2005. On June 11, 2008, the IAU included Makemake in its list of potential candidates to be given "plutoid" status, a term for dwarf planets beyond the orbit of Neptune that would place the object alongside Pluto and Eris. Makemake was formally classified as a plutoid in July 2008.

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