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snarfmaster C

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supposedly my neighbour's plumber is the best plumber ever. great guy. great work. great rates.

that may be so, but i've been waiting on him for, oh, 36 hours now. i talked to him an hour ago, he said he's be here in a half hour. if he's not here in another hour i am going to work and seeking out someone new.

help. anyone know anyone who will actually call, actually show up, and actually know what they're doing?

as fine as i am with peeing in my backyard, it's not gonna be so much fun when the temperature drops next week. and nobody likes pooping at the mall. hahahaha my poor houseguests!

hahahahahaha :D i need a plumber :(

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first he tried making the shit equipment I had installed work. realised it was cheap and busted and useless.

took that part out, fixed the old (better quality) part, installed it. adjusted it. found that another of the shit cheap parts i had installed was also garbage. had to take the whole toilet apart to replace that. put it all back together, adjusted it, made it work.

discovered a totally different problem with my supply line - took care of that.

*and* offered to keep an eye out for a suitable husband for me.

now that's service. ;)

oh, and when it was all done (probably an hour, hour and a half?) he only wanted $20. I insisted on more and he finally took $30.

i'm sold.

edit to add: did i mention how excited i am to have functioning plumbing? thrilled.

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