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So.. How is Everyone???


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I need an update.. How is everyone? Spend too much time not on the board anymore. Hope everyone is doing well :)

Things are fine here. I'm in London, UK now and pretty much 'settled'. I'll be moving back to Amsterdam at some point, but not for a few years. Working over here for two record labels, FatCat and One Little Indian, and generally being worked to the bone. But I'm not hungover, so it's a good day.

Oh, I think I'll be in Toronto for NYE. Anything going on I can take part in? Oh, if anyone is ever in London, do feel free to call.

- Shain


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Hey Shain

Was actually in London today, picking up a visa at the Ghanaian embassy in Highgate. Due to the shit weather and ridiculous train delays I didn't stick around for anything more than a bit of lunch, but I hope I can make it up there for a show or two in the next few months. Have been way too busy so far to do much of anything like that, but I think things will settle down in the new year when I submit my dissertation.

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