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New Jersey Councilman Pisses on DSO Fans


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Cops arrest Jersey City councilman for urinating on concert-goers

by Charles Hack/The Jersey Journal Sunday November 09, 2008, 8:54 PM

A Jersey City councilman was allegedly drunk when he was seized at a Washington nightclub after urinating on attendees of a Grateful Dead tribute concert.

City Councilman Steven Lipski, who represents the Journal Square area and directs a charter school, was charged Friday with simple assault at Nightclub 9:30 on V Street, a spokesman from the Metropolitan Police District of Columbia said today.

Staff at the club spotted Lipski, 44, at the Dark Star Orchestra concert, urinating from a second-level balcony onto the crowd below, The Daily News reported today.

Club employees hauled Lipski from the club and held him until police arrived and arrested him around 9:50 p.m., the report said.

A "source" told The Daily News that Lipski was "very drunk," and said it wasn't the first time he acted up at the nightspot.

"We've dealt with this man before," the source is quoted saying. "He's never peed on anybody, but he gets really belligerent and drunk."

Lipski, founder and director of CREATE Charter School in Jersey City, didn't return several phone calls left for him at his home and on his cell phone.

But one of his city council colleagues, Willie Flood, said Lipski called her this morning and said the incident was a big misunderstanding. Lipski claimed he spilled a drink and a someone thought it was urine, Flood said.

"It is an allegation," Flood added. "We need the facts first and then make a determination what happened. It seems out of character."

Flood, who also is the Hudson County Registrar, made headlines earlier this year when it came to light she hired her son for two government jobs even though he had previous run-ins with the law.

Richard Heinecke, owner of Nightclub 9:30, declined to comment today.

Downtown Councilman Steven Fulop called Lipski's arrest "embarrassing" for Jersey City.

Coupled with Mayor Jerramiah T. Healy's conviction for resisting arrest and obstruction of administrative law during a tussle with cops in Bradley Beach in 2006, Fulop said these incidents would lead investors to "question the leadership" of Jersey City.

"It is very humiliating," he said.

Healy was unavailable to comment and his spokeswoman, Jennifer Morrill, called the Lipski incident a "private and personal matter."

The mayor has characterized his thrice-appealed disorderly persons arrest in Bradley Beach in 2006 in much the same manner. The state Supreme Court refused to consider a final appeal of the charges earlier this year. Healy has maintained he was just trying to help the police sort out a domestic dispute.

Rob Eaton (DSO) response:


"This is my personal outrage at the individual who decided to pull his penis out of his pants in the balcony at the 9:30 club on Friday and urinate on the crowd below. Your a Fuck Stick! You might just as well have pissed on the band in my opinion. Your a disgrace to the community and should be ashamed of your self. The irony is it’s someone on this board who is a frequent poster and claims to be a fan of the band. Well sir fans like you we don’t need. You pissed on hard working fans who paid good money to come to our show. How do you think they will remember their experience? There is no excuse for this and I ask you sir to please don’t come to shows anymore. If you can’t keep your dick in your pants take it someplace else. I am outraged!"

My personal opinion and commentary…..

Rob Eaton

Band Member DSO

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... spokeswoman, Jennifer Morrill, called the Lipski incident a "private and personal matter."

How the fuck is that a "private and personal matter" for a public official!!! It happened out in public, not in the privacy of his home, or a hotel room.

What a disgusting incident anyway. If the guy is a repeat offended in the club, they should be looking for him at the door and simply ban him from entry.

I recall something like this (although no urine got on anyone at least) at a Dylan show in Toronto. It was at the Masonic Temple (Concert Hall) and it was packed. Aimee Mann was the opener and some dude up in the front was pissing in empty beer bottles and then placing them on the stage in front of her (all so that he wouldn't lose his spot). Eventually, on of them tipped over i think. Aimee freaked, rightfully so. They took the asshole out and i hope he missed the rest of the show. I could see it all since i was in the balcony (not peeing on anyone ).

Just looked it up ... back in '96. Time flies.


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