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The Herbaliser Band hits Ottawa, this Friday night at Babylon


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I've noticed a few threads promoting the coming of the mighty, mighty Herbaliser to Southern Ontario, and there has been some discussion of Friday night's Ottawa show, but not much really.

Listen people, this is not a show to miss. The Herbaliser have been pumping out quality trip hop/acid jazz/downtempo funk-based beats and grooves since the early '90s on the Ninja Tunes label. They are late night down and dirty, dark and sweaty dance floor movers that will make you want to get your groove on.

In my opinion this is definitely the best show in town this weekend, and will probably stand out as one of the best of the fall season. That's my schpeel, hope to see some of you there.


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Is it still the same format as the last time I saw them in 2002?

From the XPress article to which I linked:

On their sixth album, Same As It Never Was, hip-hop takes something of a back seat to sultry soul and R&B. Having recently fired their manager, left the ranks of Ninja Tune and signed with German label !K7, the band is definitely ready for a new beginning.

"We needed a change of scenery and to seriously shake things up. Some journalists said that we were always making the same record. The best way to show the world that we wanted change was to modify the internal mechanism of the group," says Ollie Teeba.

Hence, The Herbaliser established a more collaborative creative process, which included two new full-time members (Ralph Lamb and Andy Ross) in charge of a second unit of production. In addition, frustrated by the impossibility of touring with all the guest MCs featured on their albums, Teeba and Wherry decided to recruit a lead vocalist: the versatile Jessica Darling.



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Why is everyone still so afraid to say the word hip-hop?

I'm so sorry that my diction isn't to your liking, TB. I'm not afraid of the word at all. In fact, while I wouldn't describe myself as a fucking hip-hop head, I would admit to being something of a hip-hop enthusiast.

The hip is implied in the trip, and the hop is there, full stop.

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As I head out the door I just want to express my disgust at whoever routed this tour or The Sadies' tour - The Herbaliser are playing next door to The Sadies tonight, at the same time. I will have to miss a Sadies show, yet I'll be standing within 50 feet of the stage where they're playing.

Montreal -> Toronto -> Ottawa -> Hamilton ??? FAIL

(I am so pumped!)

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That was a great show, wow. Grand Analog blew, but The Herbaliser smoked. I thought they could have made more use of More or Les but other than that, no complaints. Jessica Darling was wicked! Wherry is one of the smoothest bass players I've seen in a long time and Teeba is a top-notch DJ. Also, Paul the sound guy at Babylon did a great job getting the flute up in the mix, must have been tough with all the other loud instruments going on.

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