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Keyboard Players/Vocalist


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So I may be organizing a Christmas event in December that requires a person, their keys, a PA system (which I have) and some talent. Could be one person on keys who sings or one person on keys plus another person that sings. The gig would be playing exclusively Christmas songs.

I am still awaiting approval on one of two events:

Indoors, a daytime, early afternoon event on a Sat. in Dec for kids. Santa, gifts, food, crafts and music OR

Outdoors. A Friday or Sat early evening (5:30ish for a couple of hours). Words projected onto screens, hot chocolate and candy canes, hand-warmers, and just the community coming out to join in a sing song. I'd rent a heater for the talent.

Would anyone be interested in such a gig?

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Bump. I have approval to go ahead with an outdoor carolling session (yipee, I can hardly wait!)

So I am in serious need of someone to play and sing songs.

BradM I can't open myspace at work, if you have more details, can you please list them?

Any other ideas? We're a community of musicians and music lovers for goodness sake, it can't be this hard!

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