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**Fat Burt - Dec 20th @The Boathouse - Kitchener Ontario**


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Todd Gillies (Fat Cats) &

Mike Filipowitsch (Burt Neilson Band)

Live @ The Boathouse

57 Jubilee N2G 7T6 (519) 745-7202

Victoria Park Kitchener, Ontario

I was seventeen years old the first time I heard the Fat Cats play live. A few of my friends from Grand River Collegiate had strayed over to Eastwood Collegiate during lunchhour to see a battle of the Bands they were hosting. They all came back raving about this band they had seen called the "Fat Cats".

Later that week, fake ID in tow, we headed down to a tiny pub in downtown Kitchener (which I can't for the life of me remember the name) so we could all see what the fuss was about. Although some of the crew didn't really get what was going on (mostly because it didn't sound like pearl jam i figure)

I was immediately drawn to it. In particular, I was fascinated with the way the guitar player was freely exporing the music. Long, winding solos that really kept me wanting more.

I remember thinking to myself, "man that is exactly what I want to do". First, I would have to learn guitar. Needless to say I was very much inspired.

After that night, I rarely missed a Fat Cats show, we all looked forward to them. I watched, and tried to figure out what and how they were conducting the jams, songs and so on.

I have been fortunate enough to get to play in a band of my own, a band who got there start in southern Ontario opening up for the Fat Cats at the Opera House in 1997.

I feel like alot has happened since those early beginnings. To make this very long ( and possibly uninteresting) story short...

Come and hang out with Todd and I on the 20th, and hear some original music..okay possibly a cover or two as well...



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