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Rogers does it again

Big Wooly Mammoth

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They introduce that sort of thing and they start making lots o' cash on the advertising space. Do they then offer to give you a discount because you're being forced to see these ads? Nooooooo. Fuck 'em. I hate that shit.

I'd like to know what their reply is. Call them up and tell them you want to speak to customer retention because you're now thinking of making the switch to a non-email-advertising ISP. Should save you a few dollars at least.

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You can suppress the adds on your end. If you use firefox, try an add on called Stylish. It works by superseding the css with local files.

Here's the link


After you've activated the plug in search for Yahoo Mail on the userstyles website and you'll be provided with several options to "clean up" yahoo.

Good luck.

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