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HAMILTON: HURON Hometown Roadshow; Buddy Holly; Dan Griffin; Wednesdays


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"Brimming with the stoner-rock intensity of Black Sabbath, the swampy Southern rock of the Allman Brothers and the harmonious pop of the Band and the Beatles, HURON is Cam Malcolm (guitar, vocal) formerly of THE SWEET HOMEWRECKERS, Aaron Goldstein (guitar, vocal) and Adam Melnick (bass, vocal) both of THE SURLY YOUNG BUCKS and DAN GRIFFIN'S REGRETS, and Pete Hall (drums, vocal) formerly of A NORTHERN CHORUS.

The Hometown Roadshow is a series of four special shows that will see the group playing three sets each night, combining the Huron catalogue with songs from band members' solo projects: Malcolm's Owls, Goldstein's Espanola, and Hall's Blackburn. Expect cover tunes, special guests, a different set list each night and four highly unique performances in the life of this budding rock band."

Hey! You early Sonic Orchard folk remember Jawbone? All 25 of you? We're called Huron now. You should pretty much put aside every Wednesday upcoming for these shows! This Wednesday Adam and I will play at Touche (formerly 33 Hess) with the Midnight Shift, which you will affectionately remember from last year's Sock Hop as a trio with our buddy Sean which performs nothing but Buddy Holly material. Then Huron will do four Hometown Roadshows: Nov 26 at Absinthe, and Dec 3, 10, and 17 at Touche. Then we'll cap off this series of shows with a Hannukah party at Pepper Jack's, Fri Dec 19, which will feature Huron, Dan Griffin & The Regrets, Julie Fader, and Don Vail. We're going to feature some guests for the Roadshows, details of which will be announced this week. So to recap:

Wed Nov 19: MIDNIGHT SHIFT @ Touche ($2 cover)

Wed Nov 26: HURON Hometown Roadshow @ Absinthe (no cover, also Motown!)

Wed Dec 3: HURON Hometown Roadshow @ Touche ($2 cover)

Wed Dec 10: HURON Hometown Roadshow @ Touche ($2 cover)

Wed Dec 17: HURON Hometown Roadshow @ Touche ($2 cover)


Absinthe: 233 King Street East

Touche: 33 Hess Street

Pepper Jack's: 38 King William Street






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Yeehaw, we're gearing up for a old-time rock and roll night...those of you who were at the Frontier Town saloon on May 2-4 know what I'm talking about, good times and lots of fun.

Also wanna report that our guest next week at the first Hometown Roadshow will be our buddy Dan Griffin...we'll back him up on a few tunes, and he'll sit in for some of ours.

Lots of great guests in the works for the Touche shows as well...I will announce as soon as they're confirmed!

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